About this Site

I started this website because I wanted to have a place where I could share information. I've always had this desire to share what I know to others. So I guess this is my broadcast, and anyone is welcome to listen in. I don't plan on just view this as a teaching experience, but also a learning experience. This will be my first social-related project and I hope to learn some new things along the way. Possibly learn something that's not tech related as well.

I want to try and write up a new post at least every other week. This is a side project for me right now, so scheduling will be irregular.


The topics of this blog will focus around technology; software and maybe some hardware as well. Currently, my focus is set on application hosting in the cloud. Experiments with virtualization, as well as containerization. A lot of my material is applicable to self hosting. I do plan on covering topics around software development, but currently I have a lot lined up about deployment and cloud technology.

In the future, I might take on topics outside of technology.

About Me

Hi. My name is Ryan. I am a software engineer who spends most of their time trying out new tech. I've worked for tech companies applying new practices to many different platforms. My career has mostly been as an Android Engineer, programming with Kotlin, but I always found myself working on multiple platforms. I've worked on server-side development, designed Micro service architectures, Cross-platform frameworks, desktop applications, even web development.